About the Dance World Cup

Participation in the Dance World Cup is not just a personal endeavour; it is a testament to the dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence in the art of dance. Evie has been selected among her Dance School, Parkewood School of Dance and thousands of talented dancers from around the world to showcase their skills and creativity on an international stage.

The Dance World Cup has over 120,000 children around the world aged from 4 to 25 trying to qualify in their country for the DWC World Finals which is held annually in a different location, previous locations for Dance World Cup include Portugal, Spain, Germany , Romania, England, Austria, Italy, France and Jersey.

The standard is high and group dances are encouraged so that as many children as possible can participate in the prestigious event.

Evie has the chance to join the ever growing family and experience the phenonomom of the Dance World Cup which the dance schools are describing as “the best quality children and youths dance competition in the World” and the "Olympics of dance". With well known judges and competitions held in the genres of Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Song and Dance, Street/Hip Hop and National, Evie is looking to compete alongside some of the best dance dancers around the world.

Sponsorship can significantly enhance Evie's experience and contribute to her success in representing her country at the Dance World Cup world finals. By supporting family weech on this journey, you will not only help Evie achieve her dreams but also create a lasting impact on the global dance community.

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